Depression for minorities

I enjoyed the facebook live chat today, discussing a recent statistic that I came across online. 62% of Black, Asian and LGBT people experienced depression in 2017. Almost four times higher than the general population. Does that make you pause, like it does me?

Oppression causes a person pain, and strips them of their dignity. The identity they wanted to appreciate is abused. Let’s learn to be more careful with the words we use, knowing that the pain we can inflict with them might send someone down a very discouraging path.

Challenge yourself to connect with a minority group that you are not a part soon, and learn to treat them with the same kind of love you expect. As we see in the graphic, depression is the inability to construct a future. Do you really want to rob someone of a future by sending them down a path of depression with your attitude of exclusion?

Thank you to Mind, from the UK, for bringing this to my attention today.

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